Weaponizing “Scorecards” and the Folks that Lie About Them


It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Cindy Hyde-Smith and her friends in the establishment.
After receiving three consecutive failing grades from NumbersUSA, Americans for Prosperity, and Mark Levin’s Conservative Review, the Hyde-Smith campaign finally grabbed a breath of fresh air with the BIPEC release of their annual legislative scorecard.
Upon first glance, BIPEC’s scorecard reads like any other – it has a list of legislators whom they hail as “champions of business,” while points are given and taken away based on votes they see as critical. Though it appears objective and fair, further inspection of the scorecard reveals some very peculiar inconsistencies in regards to the methodology in grading.
While Senator Dennis DeBar voted with BIPEC on every bill they supported, he received a ‘B’ rating, presumably due to his ‘nay’ vote on a procedural measure, all while various other legislators seem to miss the mark on two or even three votes endorsed by BIPEC yet managed to secure the prestigious ‘A’ rating.
Even more fascinating is the case of Senators Chris McDaniel and Michael Watson. The two Senators voted the same on their respective measures graded by BIPEC yet Senator Watson managed to sneak off with a ‘B’ rating all while Sen. McDaniel got stuck with a ‘C’ that put him at the bottom of the pile of Republican legislators.
Voting ‘no’ on just two measures supported by BIPEC, Senator McDaniel had the audacity to vote against a wasteful transportation spending package and a Medicaid reauthorization package that played directly into the hands of healthcare lobbyists.
McDaniel’s record seems like a legislator voting his conscience instead of in favor of the interests of big money lobbyists.
Not daring to miss an opportunity to attack Senator McDaniel, unelected U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith sent out an email to supporters today with the tagline “McDaniel claims to

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