Trump’s Biggest Donor Gives to McDaniel


The big political news in the US Senate special election this week was the announcement that billionaire Robert Mercer has given $500,000 to the Remember Mississippi Super PAC backing Chris McDaniel. To date, Mercer has given the PAC a total of $1 million, by far the largest donor for the McDaniel campaign.
Establishment forces, though, have tried to use it as a negative against McDaniel by calling it “dark money” pouring into the state from outside sources and trying to tie Mercer to the Mueller Russia probe.
But these attacks are a smokescreen to hide the real story, which is the Mercer connection to Trump. Mercer was Trump’s largest contributor by far! In 2016, Mercer gave more than $15.5 million to support Trump’s presidential campaign. His daughter Rebekah served on Trump’s transition team. Mercer also gave Breitbart $10 million, turning it into a major force for the Trump movement.
Robert Mercer, though, is not a billionaire seeking influence within the Republican Party. He’s quite the opposite of that. According to Democrat pollster Pat Caddell, who worked for Mercer, he “is a libertarian—he despises the Republican establishment. He thinks that the leaders are corrupt crooks, and that they’ve ruined the country.”
Does that sound like Cindy Hyde-Smith or Chris McDaniel? The answer is obvious. It’s McDaniel who has made all-out war on the Establishment, beginning in October 2013, when he announced his challenge to Thad Cochran, and continuing into 2018. This is why Mercer has supported McDaniel with such large donations because Mercer sees McDaniel as the anti-Establishment warrior he is. Cindy Hyde-Smith is a creature of the Establishment Swamp!
So, here’s the crux of this story: Trump’s biggest donor, Robert Mercer, is also Chris McDaniel’s biggest donor. Hillary Clinton’s biggest donor, Sean Parker, is also Cindy Hyde-Smith’s biggest donor.
Need we say more?

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