Trump Trade Policy Follows Lessons of History


As US tariffs began taking effect against China over the past two weeks, along with the ensuing Chinese tariffs that hit American goods, many politicians, pundits, and economists of every conceivable political stripe began mourning the start of a “destructive trade war.” Some are predicting “serious damage,” while others say it could “go sideways” for President Trump.
Various news organizations, if we can indeed call them that, are touting polling data showing that a majority of Americans do not support Trump’s position on trade. CNN, Politico, Business Insider, the Washington Post, The Hill, Forbes all have negative numbers, as if we should be surprised. But an April Washington Examiner poll showed that two-thirds of Americans favored tariffs on Chinese goods.
So, who do we believe? The truth is far different from that of the mainstream media. That fact is Trump’s policy will not bring on a trade war because we’ve been in a trade war for decades, most particularly with China. They have engaged in very aggressive, predator-like behavior towards us, taking advantage of our lax laws and stealing our technology, but for one reason or another we have refused to recognize or counter it.
The difference now is that we have a President who understands our plight and is willing to fight to protect American workers and their jobs. President Trump has long favored tougher, “fair trade” deals and the protection of our domestic industries, as well as our technology. As far back as the early 1980s, Trump was lamenting the fact that the United States was being “ripped off” by other nations on trade. His language and policy prescriptions have remained very consistent over the past four decades. And now that he is President, he is doing something about the record trade deficits we have accumulated during the recent era of

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