Trump bump? Hyde-Smith gains, McDaniel slides in latest Senate poll


U.S. Senate candidates Mike Espy, Chris McDaniel and Cindy Hyde-Smith face each other Nov. 6 in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Thad Cochran.
Campaign strategists for Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith hoped President Donald Trump’s early October rally in north Mississippi would do one thing: Convince conservative voters to support her and not her anti-establishment challenger Chris McDaniel.
A new poll released Tuesday morning shows the president’s visit may have done just that.
In an NBC News/Marist poll released Tuesday morning, 38 percent of likely voters said they’d vote for Hyde-Smith — a 14 point gain from a September poll in which just 24 percent of voters said they’d vote for her.
McDaniel, meanwhile, lost ground in that same period, according to the polls. Just 15 percent of likely Mississippi voters in this week’s poll said they’d vote for McDaniel — a mark that’s down four points from the September poll.
Democrat Mike Espy made slight gain since September. Espy earned 29 percent of likely voters in the October poll, which is up from the 25 percent he earned in the September poll.

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Lesser known Democrat Tobey Bartee polled at 2 percent in this week’s poll.
The four candidates are running in a special election to fill Senate seat left vacant by Sen. Thad Cochran, who retired in April for health reasons. Gov. Phil Bryant appointed Hyde-Smith, the state’s commissioner of agriculture, to fill the post until the Nov. 6 special election in which she is being challenged by Espy, McDaniel and Bartee.
If no single candidate earns 50 percent on Nov. 6, the top two vote-getters will face each other in