This Mississippi millennial’s campaign for Congress is giving Democrats hope for victory

Ashton Pittman

Jeramey Anderson’s new campaign ad paints a hopeful vision of the Mississippi that could be

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In 2013, Jeramey Anderson became the youngest African American elected to a state legislature in U.S. history when he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives.
Now, he’s running for a bigger job: He wants to replace Republican U.S. Congressman Steven Palazzo as the representative for Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District.
On Thursday, Jeramy Anderson’s campaign released what may be one of the most polished campaign video ads ever released for a congressional candidate in Mississippi (scroll down to watch). In it, a diverse cast of Mississippians deliver a message: We’re tired of waiting for change.
“They tell you you have to wait – wait for things to be different . . . wait for Mississippi to change,” they intone.
“Well I never thought Mississippi should have to wait, and that the time to start taking on challenges is yesterday,” Anderson says. “So I ran to become the youngest state legislator in Mississippi history and I won.”
“I know in my soul that we can be more than this,” he says.
Anderson is unabashedly liberal in the ad, calling for better jobs, schools, and a future Mississippi where healthcare is a right – not a privilege. Anderson even alludes to his support for LGBT rights, invoking the language of Barack Obama while calling for a state where all are welcome, “no matter where you come from or who you love.”
Jeramey Anderson’s unapologetically liberal campaign is a breath of fresh air for Mississippi Democrats, who have long found themselves voting for Democrats who ran on conservative platforms. It’s a stark contrast to Michael Evans, a Democratic candidate in the Third District who launched his campaign while touting his anti-abortion record and commitment to the Second Amendment.

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