The Voice of God


Bigger Pie Forum | The Voice of God | Kelley Williams
Thou shall not stand closer than six feet. Thou shall not show thy face. Thou shall not shake hands. Thou shall not gather in groups larger than ten. Thou shall not go to school. Nor church. Thou shall flatten the curve. Thou shall fear the resurgence. Thou shall bow down to graven models. And to experts (who use them to create fear and panic and manipulate the trusting and gullible — as shamans and witch doctors previously did).
Change your mind? Does God do it? The famous deceased economist John Maynard Keynes (sort of an Economic God) famously said: “When the facts change, I change my mind – what do you do, sir?” Popular blogger Glen Reynolds recently said: “If you speak with the Unchallengeable Voice of God, and then you change your mind and speak again with the Unchallengeable Voice of God, people will notice.”
People are noticing. They see the sort of Mini God presidential adviser Dr. Fauci, who previously said masks are not needed. But now uses his Voice of God to say they are. And who previously said COVID-19 is like the seasonal flue. But now uses his Voice of God to say it may recur like the medieval Black Death if lockdowns are lifted too soon.
People see the sort of Scarf Goddess presidential adviser Dr. Birx, who previously said it was necessary to flatten the curve so as not to overwhelm hospitals with hordes of COVID-19 victims. They also see the hordes didn’t materialize. In fact, many hospitals suffered from lack of patients due to deferrals of “non-essential” care. People hear that some patients have died while waiting for “non-essential” care. Others are suffering complications from delayed care.
They read that suicides are increasing. Maybe due to stress

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