Tate Reeves Inauguration Speech


Thank you Mr. Chief Justice. Governor Bryant, Governor Barbour, thank you for being here. Lieutenant Governor Hosemann, Speaker Gunn, President Pro Tem Kirby, Speaker Pro Tem White, members of the Mississippi legislature, friends, family and my fellow Mississippians....it is my greatest honor to stand before you today and take this sacred oath.

I was just 29 years old when I first took an oath in this capitol to serve the people of this great state. The last sentence of that oath hit me hard on that day and it drives me still today. So. Help. Me. God. The call to action of the oath of office is not a commitment to be perfect. It is a commitment to seek the guidance of the Almighty God to compensate for our human frailty.

Our forebearers in Mississippi governance were not perfect, but they perfectly scripted this oath. And as your Governor, you have my commitment to seek God's guidance and God's will in all that I do.

We began this celebration on Sunday in the church where Elee and I have worshipped since we were students in college. And to start this celebration, we prayed not that we would be perfect but that we would be faithful.

I'd like to take a few moments today to talk about the road ahead of us - and about what is behind us.

2019 was a tough campaign year. Some would say it was a full-contact campaign. But that campaign is over. Campaigns by necessity highlight differences. Governing is about coming together.

Here is my promise: This will be an administration For All Mississippi. For. All. Mississippi. That is our theme today and that will be our motto.

That means our two priorities will be:

defending the loving culture that underpins our quality of life, and

growing the economy that lifts all of our

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