State Auditor Shad White to Speak at Neshoba County Fair on Wednesday


Philadelphia, Miss. – State Auditor Shad White will speak at the Neshoba County Fair near Philadelphia on Wednesday, August 1, at 9:40 AM. He will discuss his transition into office along with the following topics:

1. The Mississippi Office of the State Auditor will submit a budget proposal to the Mississippi Legislature for the 2020 Fiscal Year that requests $100,000 less from the general fund than the current fiscal year.

2. Along with saving Mississippi taxpayer dollars, Auditor White plans to initiate a compliance audit of OSA, which will ensure his office is an example to other state agencies in following the law. This will be the first time in the history of OSA that the agency performs an audit of itself; this comes in addition to a review of OSA by auditors from across the nation which will commence later this month.

3. Auditor White is committed to transparency. An updated transparency section of the OSA website will appear soon. All contracts, RFPs, and various other documents from the Auditor’s office will be available for public review at in the near future.

4. OSA will be conducting a cyber-security risk assessment to ensure that sensitive financial data that flows through this office is safely stored and protected. Additionally, OSA plans to assist local governments and State agencies implement similar plans.

During this fiscal year, State Auditor Shad White plans to use these items to maintain and improve Mississippi’s status as a leader in the National State Auditors Association while ensuring taxpayers are protected from fraud, waste, and abuse.

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