SHOCK U.S. SENATE POLL: Hillary Support, Lifelong Democrat Status Drive 59% of Hyde-Smith Supporters to McDaniel


Jackson, MS — Support for appointed U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is exceedingly soft, according to polling performed by Insight Public Opinion, a polling firm out of Raleigh, NC.
Fifty-nine percent of voters who indicated support for former Democrat Cindy Hyde-Smith also indicated they would not vote for the U.S. Senator who formerly backed Hillary Clinton for president after they learn two key pieces of information about Hyde-Smith: That she was a lifelong Democrat until she switched parties to run for statewide office, and that she supported Hillary Clinton for President.
In a survey of thousands of likely Mississippi voters conducted on landlines between September 13 and September 18, 927 likely voters indicated they currently supported appointed U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.
On being informed that Hyde-Smith was a lifelong Democrat and that she supported Hillary Clinton, however, 550 of those 927 indicated they would no longer vote for Hyde-Smith.
Hyde-Smith’s rapid loss of support among likely Republican voters who learn of her Democrat voting past could serve as a dark stain on the record for would-be king makers in the establishment GOP like Phil Bryant who selected Cindy Hyde-Smith to replace Thad Cochran earlier this year.
Conservatives in Mississippi echo the survey’s results.
“This poll is utterly unsurprising,” said Bryan Fischer, of American Family Radio. “I knew Cindy Hyde-Smith’s support was paper-thin since her value system as a decades-long-Democrat and Hillary supporter is so out of phase with where Mississippians are at.”
“She’s been able to camouflage her true colors, but the veneer is wearing off,” the conservative talker said. “The more Mississippians find out about her, the more they will realize Chris McDaniel is the only one in the race who will promote and defend their most cherished values.”
Kim Wade, a charismatic former black nationalist who for nearly a decade has hosted conservative talk radio in the Jackson, Mississippi,

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