Sen. Roger Wicker to Jackson Man: ‘President Trump Will Be Acquitted’


Jackson resident Jo G Prichard wrote the following letter to U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker in support of Donald Trump's impeachment. Wicker's full response follows it.

Dear Senator Wicker:

Nothing in your Senate career is as important as your vote to impeach President Trump for his documented and extremely serious violation of our constitution in blackmailing Ukraine in an effort to force them to undermine our presidential election by investigating Joe Biden and then refusing to cooperate with the House of Representatives investigations of his criminal acts.

If Democratic President Barack Obama had committed such brazen actions, I have no doubt that Republican Senators would be urging his impeachment. It is therefore stunning and disappointing that your public comments to date have not indicated that you plan to hold President Trump to the same standard of justice that is crucial to elections free of foreign interference, so critical to protecting democracy in America.

Donald Trump has clearly and seriously violated the Constitution. He has committed high crimes against America and our free elections. He must be held accountable for these blatant actions and removed from office before he is allowed to take further reckless actions to weaken our free elections, free press and independent judiciary.

President Trump's repeated assertions that he is above the law and exempt from Congressional oversight and his blatant attacks on anyone who tries to hold him accountable is the most dangerous threat to democracy in the history of our nation and it is critical that you--our elected officials--hold him accountable for his impeachable efforts to put his agenda and his reelection above the laws of our land.

For the sake of America, for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of justice above blind allegiance to the Republican Party, we implore you to

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