Sen. Dearing Retires; Will Sojourner Return?


36-year incumbent Bob Dearing (D-Natchez) announced last week he will retire from the Mississippi state senate, where he served since 1980, minus one term from 2012-2015, during which the district was represented by Republican Melanie Sojourner.
The vacancy in the 37th district raises the question of who will replace the long-time incumbent Dearing.
The easy answer is former Republican state senator Melanie Sojourner.
Should she decide to throw her hat into the ring, Sojourner, who became the only Republican to represent the district since Reconstruction when she defeated Dearing in 2011, would likely be the favorite to represent the 37th senate district in Jackson.
In a move that might portend a potential run, Sojourner sent a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Sen. Dearing on her public official Facebook page.

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