Rep. Missy McGee: We’ve just got to show our young people that they can definitely make a life for themselves here


Missy McGee (R-Hattiesburg) is a relatively new face in the Legislature and just finished her second year in the House of Representatives.
Missy McGee (R-Hattiesburg) is a relatively new face in the Mississippi House of Representatives. She just finished her second year and says, while her priority is funding and strengthening Hattiesburg and her alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, she also wants to focus on quality of life issues for families across the state. She has supported legislation requiring insurers to cover infertility treatment, bring home care nurse programs to new moms and slow brain drain through tax incentives. She made waves the last session by voting no on the six-week abortion ban — the only Republican to do so.
Erica Hensley, editor of Mississippi Today’s Inform[H]er newsletter, sat down with McGee recently to talk about these issues:
Can you tell me about specific bills you’ve worked on that you feel would benefit Mississippi families?
In 2018, I was the lead author on a bill that would require insurance companies to add infertility coverage to their coverage, up to a lifetime max of $25,000. It’s very rare for an insurance company to cover infertility treatment, and we’re not just talking about IVF (in vitro fertilization), we’re talking about any kind of infertility work. I come from my personal background on that but, it is amazing how many people this affects.
(Editor’s note: Research suggests about 10 percent of couples have infertility issues and that assisted reproductive technology, including IVF, is used in about one in 65 births).
That bill had been dropped several years before I got there. So, here comes the new girl, and I have two IVF children, so it just seemed perfect that we have a woman legislator who has gone through that experience. That bill passed the House with bipartisan support, but