Politics and the Art of Compromise


Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable – the art of the next best. –Otto von Bismarck
While out knocking doors, I handed an information card to a man and asked him to vote for Chris McDaniel. He politely handed the card back to me, “I can’t vote for that man—he’s too radical.” Being a child of the 80s, I knew that he did not mean McDaniel was “too awesome.” Since the man was 20-years my senior, I wondered if he was wrongfully thinking McDaniel was a leftist. Thankfully he clarified, “McDaniel will not compromise. And politics is about compromise.” My initial response was to acknowledge that he would not be voting for McDaniel for the right reasons.
Never-the-less, in an attempt to engage the voter and discuss issues specifically, I said, “Compromise has gotten us $21 trillion of debt” to which the door was promptly closed ending the other lost art of politics–discussion and debate. McDaniel has repeatedly stated that the time for compromise is over. In this regard, my neighbor is at least partly informed.
The U.S. didn’t reach $21 trillion in debt because Republicans were unwilling to compromise. Nor have we murdered 40+ million babies because of an unwillingness to compromise.  Our country doesn’t have an illegal immigrant and border crisis because of a lack of compromise. We have gotten to crisis levels in so many areas of our country because of one-sided compromise; Republicans are the only ones making any concessions in Congress!
McDaniel’s Contract with Mississippi details several policies in which he will not compromise. He will not support any increase to the deficit (with the exception of a Declaration of War from Congress) or attempts to make DACA permanent; he stands for cutting taxes, ending federal funding of abortion, reducing regulatory burden, and judicial reform. The

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