Phil Bryant and the Tactics of “Never Trump”


The Governor of Mississippi is getting desperate. He’s lashing out at Chris McDaniel on social media, attempting to make lies stick as truth.
Phil Bryant made a very unwise decision by naming an unqualified person, in Cindy Hyde-Smith, to fill Thad Cochran’s seat in the US Senate. And rather than act like a statesman in this hotly-contested political season, and let the people decide, he has resorted to pettiness, mudslinging, and smear tactics to hurt McDaniel, who is in a very strong position to knock off Bryant’s choice, thereby forever tarnishing Bryant’s reputation and his chances at future wealth and privilege when he leaves office in January 2020.
In short, Bryant is terrified Hyde-Smith is going down. Why else would he lash out with lies and falsehoods?
It’s clear that the McDaniel campaign has all the momentum in recent weeks. He is meeting with the people, crowds are growing at his town hall meetings, undecided voters are swinging his way, and volunteers are signing up in droves.
So the Establishment is trying to stop his momentum, and, just like the “Never Trump” crowd in 2016, they are using every conceivable McDaniel comment to contend that he is “unfit” to serve in the US Senate, just as they did Donald Trump.
What did McDaniel say that was so bad? Nothing. But when you take his comments out of context, add in some lies, toss in some half-truths, then feign outrage, you get “Fake News.”
In his appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last weekend, McDaniel discussed what needed to be done for the state’s black population, and his answer was to strengthen the state’s economy and get rid of a heavy dependence on government handouts, or “scraps” he called them. McDaniel was calling for a new economic model, not the one the state has depended on for 100

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