OPINION: What Side Are You On? Racism Is Dividing Nation Along Line of Morality


This election year will force America to choose between two very different ideas. What side are you on? Yes, America, there are two sides. We have arrived at the inevitable clash of different ideas and visions for the future of this country.

You're not surprised, are you? I think we all knew this was coming eventually. The past four years have forced the monster that we know as racism to resurface, and it has created a deep chasm in America. It has divided us along the line of morality.

On one side of the line, there are people that are so afraid to lose power that they will champion outdated rhetoric to try to keep control. They have fashioned their party after Nazism, brandishing images, and speaking language that is hateful and divisive.

They cling to the Confederate symbol even though it's a symbol of bigotry, racism and hatred. They proudly wave the Mississippi State Flag as one final act of rebellion, and they buck against nationwide norms that have told them it is impossible for the state to progress under that symbol.

They tell us that we should stay in our place. They shout that we don't have the right to speak out against the inequality that we face from police. They try to hold us down figuratively and even literally, as in the case of George Floyd. With their knees on our necks, they ignore us as we ask for justice.

They beat us, choke us with gas, and they shoot rubber at us to make us stay silent. They bring out soldiers to rob us of our right to protest against the inequality that we face.

The Other Side: A Multiracial Coalition Willing to Put Selves At Risk

On the other side of the line, we see a multiracial

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