Only Chris McDaniel Can Beat Mike Espy


It’s coming down to the wire. In little more than a month Mississippi will find out who will prevail in Round One of the US Senate special election. And I stress “Round One” for a reason.
With four candidates in the race, and a majority vote needed to win outright on November 6, the race is certain to head to a three-week runoff between the top two candidates in a final vote on November 27. The winner then heads to the US Senate to finish out the unexpired term of Thad Cochran.
The four candidates are Republicans Cindy Hyde-Smith and Chris McDaniel, and Democrats Mike Espy and Tobey Bartee.
A recent NBC/Survey Monkey poll has Espy in the lead with 25 percent, Hyde-Smith with 24, McDaniel at 19, and Bartee at 4.
In a new poll by the Remember Mississippi PAC, McDaniel is in the lead with 34 percent, Hyde-Smith at 24, Espy at 19, and Bartee at 15.
Many political observers believe that much of the Democratic vote will eventually coalesce around Espy and he will punch one of the tickets to the runoff. The question, then, is who will grab the second spot: McDaniel or Hyde-Smith?
With one poll showing McDaniel in the lead and another showing him down, how do we know which is more accurate? Given the behavior of the Hyde-Smith campaign, it’s probably safe to say that McDaniel is ahead, and that’s because the Hyde-Smith campaign still waging all-out war against McDaniel. Her radio and tv spots flood the airways, campaign minions are constantly sniping at McDaniel on every available forum with vile and nasty invective, and, at the recent Trump rally, McDaniel supporters were told to turn their Chris McDaniel t-shirts inside out. These are not the tactics of a campaign with a solid lead, just as we saw with

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