One World Conspiracy


Bigger Pie Forum | One World Conspiracy | Kelley Williams
Some people have asked for thoughts on the recent Covid-19 sermon by the Reverend Danny Jones of the Northlake Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA, that went viral. Here’s my take.
I think the pastor’s “one world conspiracy theme orchestrated by Davos elites” has some elements of truth. That’s probably why it went viral. It’s not a new theme. Remember the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, GHW Bush, David Rockefeller et al?
The current crew of Bill Gates, George Soros, Mike Blumenthal, Silicon Valley billionaires, Warren Buffett and other mega rich liberals (and conservatives) do have similar save/run the world tendencies. The liberals hang together at Davos every year because birds of a feather flock. Opulent birds flock at Davos.
They may all be bored and looking for something to do. Andrew Carnegie did libraries back in the 1800’s. There’s one in Greenwood, where I grew up. Bill Gates does computer models and vaccines today. George Soros does elections.
I think the COVID-19 epidemic may have originated from“gain of function” research (to make viruses more deadly) in a lab in Wuhan funded in part by the U.S. It may have escaped due to lax controls. I suspect some of those influencing the funding and research included Trump’s adviser Dr. Fauci and UN World Health Organization’s President who kicked off the panic with his 3.4% case death rate prediction.
The panic was aggravated by the prediction of 2.2 million U.S. deaths by “expert” modeler Neil Ferguson at the Imperial College in England. He’s known for his Mad Cow Disease and other mistakes. Ferguson’s model and the University of Washington’s model cited by Dr. Fauci get funding from Bill Gates’ foundation.
Dr. Fauci took the prediction to Trump and recommended lockdowns with implied and maybe explicit support of U.S. government

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