Nsombi Lambright: Resistance at its Most Essential Level


YES MA’AM Series | Nsombi Lambright, One Voice
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When Nsombi Lambright speaks, wisdom flows. Her deep knowledge of Mississippi activism, built on a life’s work of speaking truth to power, compels us to listen and understand what resistance means at its most essential level.
Now the Executive Director of One Voice, Nsombi has worked as an activist since her days as a student at Tougaloo College. Her work at One Voice, a non-profit founded in the wake of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina to better address the needs of historically disadvantaged communities, has focused on dismantling the school to prison pipeline, ending mass incarceration for people of color, and organizing election protections.
The day after Alabama elected Doug Jones, an exciting moment for every progressive in the South, Nsombi and I sat down in One Voice’s Jackson offices to talk together.

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Marisa Jane Green for Deep South Voice: So what are your thoughts about the election results in Alabama last night?
Nsombi Lambright: It was really amazing! You know in the South, we have so many things that affect us negatively, especially with elections, because we always come from the vantage point that we have less power because there are fewer progressive voices, fewer women voices, fewer POC voices. So this is just one of those examples of when people join together in unity– beyond racial lines, sometimes beyond even political lines– we can win on progressive issues. And we can send a message to people who do not respect rights, who do not respect women’s rights, who do not respect LGBTQ rights, that this is a different county. Even the South is different now. So I was so excited! And

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