Northeast Mississippi has pockets of economic strength, but many voters see need for more


VERONA – Bobby Goff remembers ordering two cat legs the day after a confused feline landed in the deep fryer as the employees were trying to chase him out of the Hardee’s here in this Lee County community that connects to the southern border of Tupelo.
He said the manager did not see the humor in his comments.
The cat survived the ordeal and was named Hardee by the veterinarian who administered treatment. Ten years after the cat incident, Goff, age 83, still can be found at the Verona Hardee’s where he eats, drinks coffee, socializes and opines.
“We talk politics, community stuff  and families,” said Nathan Goff, a nephew of Bobby’s.
The perception from the Goff’s table at Hardee’s is that the state, nation and Lee County are doing reasonably well, though they say the city of Verona, which is struggling with crime and other issues, is not.
It is clear that on Nov. 6 the men at this table at Hardee’s will be voting for candidates who support President Donald Trump and can help him with his agenda. According to a NBC News/Marist poll, 54 percent of Mississippians prefer electing candidates who would help Trump achieve his agenda.
At Hardee’s, Leon Vilhauer, a Washington state transplant who worked for Boeing for 33 years before moving to Verona so his wife could be closer to her family, said he did not support Trump when he first ran for president but now has his full support.
“Think about what he could do if they left him alone,” echoed Nathan Goff. These men, mostly retired workers from Northeast Mississippi factories, are upset with what they believe was unfair treatment U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh received during his confirmation hearing. Nathan Goff compares Kavanaugh to the persecution of Jesus Christ.
“Knowing how they did him, I don’t know if