My Favorite Line From Obama’s Speech


"It took a couple of days because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak." I almost had to replace my computer after reading that little snippet from Obama's speech.    No, I couldn't stomach watching the speech.    After all, he had warmed up for his speech by appearing on "The Tonight Show", ESPN, and "60 Minutes".      I didn't watch those either, but even after all the teaser commercials I had pretty much had enough.However, I enjoyed watching the Twitter comments roll on my screen during his speech so when I saw that one sentence pop up I nearly howled with laughter.       President Obama said that in response to the question of why it took him so long to express outrage over the AIG bonuses.Hmmmm.... it took him a couple of days to form a response?     Americans pretty much formed a response in 2 seconds.   FAIL!

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