MSGOP Spotlights Treasurer Lynn Fitch


Treasurer Lynn Fitch remembers when few Mississippians identified themselves as Republicans. But, she always knew that her principles and values — for equality of opportunity, personal freedom, smaller government, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility — aligned with those of the GOP.

She has made these values the touchstone of her work throughout her years in public service. Her agenda as Treasurer focuses on spurring economic growth at the State level through a balanced budget, conservative debt practices, and strong credit ratings, and at the personal level through affordable college savings, financial education, and pay equity.

Treasurer Fitch has applied her unique skill set, with experience and education in finance, law, and policy, to be a change agent for Mississippi. She is always seeking solutions to bring us to the best possible outcomes at any given opportunity ahead for our great State.

“Mississippi has great things to offer this nation and even the world,” said Fitch. “Working together and as partners in governance, Republican leaders can propel this State and our hard-working citizens to the very top.”

As Treasurer, she has also made encouraging civic involvement a priority, particularly when it comes to women. She has worked with the Stennis Center for Public Service to bring Ready to Run campaign training programs to Mississippi and to engage young women through their Mississippi N.E.W. leadership series.

“The Republican Party is the perfect place for women,” Fitch remarked. “Ours is the Party that places merit first and foremost and that, to me, is the highest level of respect for our abilities.”

Next spring, she will also be teaching a Women in Politics class at Millsaps as an adjunct instructor.

“I want to encourage our grassroots to take their activism with them to every corner of their communities,” Fitch continued. “When we live our principles, we turn them from ideas into action, and that’s when we really start to make a difference for the people around us.”

Lynn Fitch is a native of Holly Springs and serves as Mississippi’s 54th Treasurer. She was re-elected to a second term in 2015.

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