MSGOP Spotlights Sue Bush of Hattiesburg


If you’re a Republican in the Pine Belt area, chances are you know Sue Bush. A lifelong resident of Forrest County, Sue prides herself in being a Christian, staunch conservative, and an active member of the Republican Party and its platform. With the ongoing growth of the GOP, most of her time is spent preparing for the next primary, and her years of dedication have given her the experience she needs to do so in an effective manner.

Sue is a longtime MSGOP supporter and has spent numerous amounts of time campaigning and advocating for Republicans throughout Mississippi for decades. She is a former Vice-chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party and currently serves as a member of the MSGOP’s State Executive Committee. For 37 years, Sue has been a member of the Forrest County Republican Executive Committee and is a charter member of the Forrest/Lamar Republican Women’s Club where she currently serves as president. Additionally, Sue is the chairman of the Hattiesburg Republican Municipal Executive Committee and serves on the Hattiesburg Board of Advisors of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

Sue is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi where she obtained a degree in elementary education before becoming an educator in the Hattiesburg area. She and her husband Jack have two daughters and five grandchildren, and are active members and volunteers at Hardy Street Baptist Church.

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