MSGOP Spotlights Sophie Nord


Many residents along the Mississippi Gulf Coast associate Sophie Nord with the Chimneys: a refined, picturesque dining spot serving Gulf Coast cuisine. But when Nord isn’t maintaining her family restaurant’s day-to-day operations, the Gulfport native plays an active role in the community’s philanthropic causes. And no stranger to the circle of Mississippi politicos, Sophie has garnered credible experience campaigning for Republicans throughout the state.

“Sophie is a talented political operator, successful small business owner and a dear friend,” said MSGOP Chairman Lucien Smith. “As a Party, we are lucky to have this strong conservative lady on our team.”

Sophie believes in the importance of Republican women finding ways to become involved in politics. A product of deep political roots, she enjoys working with the Party to promote conservative policies and women running for office, noting that Governor Phil Bryant’s appointment of Cindy Hyde-Smith — the first female to represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate — is by far one of the most exciting times for all Mississippi women.

A loyal friend to the GOP, Sophie holds a reputation of being a valuable asset to the conservative cause, always making time to help candidates she believes in. Whether running local campaigns in her hometown, managing a statewide race, or maintaining field operations for gubernatorial reelects, Sophie has displayed a genuine interest in her community and an undeniable passion for Mississippi politics.

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