Mississippi’s Legislative Session 2020


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Legislative Session 2020
Mississippi’s legislative session began Tuesday, January 7th.  Since 2019 was a statewide election, this year’s session will be a month longer with a scheduled end on May 10th. With a longer session, deadlines for bills are pushed back as well.  February 24th is the deadline for bills to be introduced and March 10th is the first deadline for bills to be passed out of committee in the originating chamber.
With the “conservative party” dominance from top to bottom, 2020 is a great opportunity to enact pro-growth policies that would accelerate Mississippi’s economic growth.
A good starting place would be reforms of burdensome regulatory processes to include the state’s far-reaching Certificate of Need (CON) program that oversees so much of the state’s healthcare services and providers.  Mississippi’s healthcare economy needs competition, innovation and more consumer choices.  The current CON setup protects the status quo to the detriment of much needed change that comes from a competitive playing field.
Another priority for the Legislature should be to improve how agencies, boards, and commissions issue regulations.  According to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, it would take 13 weeks, utilizing 40-hour workweeks, to read every one of the code’s 9.3 million words and 117,558 restrictions.  There are far too many restrictive regulations on the books in Mississippi.  Such regulatory restrictions strangle economic growth.
The federal government has set a good example.  President Trump issued an executive order in 2017 designed to pare down the voluminous federal register.  Under the order, if a federal agency wants to make a new rule, it has to eliminate two regulations before enacting the new rule.  This forces agencies to re-evaluate their regulations and priorities.  According to estimates, the policy eliminated $13.5 billion in regulatory costs in fiscal 2019 and

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