Mississippi’s Ides of March: Phil Bryant Turns On Chris McDaniel


On March 15, 44 BC, the “Ides of March,” colleagues of Julius Caesar betrayed him. Seeking to restore the Roman Republic, several Roman Senators assassinated Caesar, the Roman “dictator for life” who many believed wanted to overthrow the Senate entirely, stabbing him 23 times. But the conspirators failed in their mission as they were ultimately unable to restore the Roman Republic.
On March 15, 2018, we saw a reverse “Ides of March” in Mississippi, as Establishment conspirators, led by Phil Bryant, betrayed Senator Chris McDaniel, who wants to win election to the US Senate to help restore the American Republic. Whereas Roman Senators engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow an Establishment figure to rid the country of dictatorship, Mississippi’s Establishment seeks to overthrow a determined conservative in order to prevent a return to the Founding principles of the American Republic.
On the afternoon of March 14, Senator Chris McDaniel announced that he was dropping his primary challenge of Roger Wicker to run for the open Senate seat being vacated by Thad Cochran, who narrowly “defeated” McDaniel in 2014.
But this new campaign, which McDaniel has billed as an effort to avoid the same bloodbath in Mississippi that plagued Alabama last fall and led to the election of a Democrat, has now turned into an Establishment mudslinging operation. Governor Phil Bryant, who McDaniel believed was his friend, began lashing out at McDaniel with heated rhetoric that lasted most of the day on Thursday, March 15. Bryant is angry that McDaniel decided to jump into the open Senate special election set for November.
In the Clarion Ledger, Geoff Pender described Bryant as a “Tea Party Governor,” who is now in a battle with McDaniel, the “Tea Party darling.” McDaniel is certainly a hero to the Tea Party but Phil Bryant, who might have won the governorship

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