Mississippi ICE Raids: How to Help Children and Families


After news broke Wednesday of the workplace immigration raids in Mississippi, with almost 700 arrests and leaving many children stranded at school with nowhere to go, local ministers, advocates and lawyers began mobilizing and compiling resources to share with the public. The following are the resources we've gathered so far from reputable sources, but we will continue to update the list. Please email donna@jacksonfreepress.com with additional options, or post in the comments below.

First, an update on the children. We're told that the feds released at least some of the parents last night to go take care of their kids who were left stranded. Here's what to do if children do not show up for school. Attorney Carlyn Hicks posted on Facebook:

"Some individuals were released last night and outfitted with ankle monitors, others were sent to Louisiana for further detainment. All impacted children may not be accounted for - Educator friends, if your EL children do not show up for school today and they were impacted by yesterday's events, please call MDCPS at 1-800-222-8000.

"If you are the neighbor, community member, church member, educator, pastor, coach, or remotely acquainted with a child who was impacted by today's events and left without a parent to provide their care, please contact MDCPS via their hotline at 1.800.222.8000. Reports are CONFIDENTIAL. Licensed temporary foster homes are available and ready to respond/assist. The safety and well-being of impacted children are paramount. Please help MDCPS locate these children. #seguro #share #Mississippi"

Religious leaders are mobilizing to try to help families. Rev. C.J. Rhodes of Jackson posted the following on social media calling for a network of churches to help after the raids. He posted Thursday on Twitter: "I understand that all of the children have been reunited with their families as of last night. There may be further

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