Mississippi Holds Special Elections for Three House Seats Today


Mississippi voters in three state House districts head to the polls today to elect new representatives to fill vacant seats.

The open seats include: House District 32 in Leflore County, formerly held by Democratic Rep. Willie Perkins, who resigned after winning a chancery judge position last year; House District 72 in Hinds County, formerly held by Democratic Rep. Adrienne Wooten, who left office after winning a circuit judge position last year; and House District 101 in Lamar County, formerly held by Rep. Brad Touchstone, who left office after winning a county judge position.

In a statement Monday, Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann urged voters to show up. Special elections typically see lower turnout than regular elections.

“Every election is important—even a special election,” Hosemann said. “We hope all eligible voters in these districts will take a few minutes to visit their polling place. The only way for your vote not to count is if you do not cast it.”

In special elections in the state, all candidates must run as independents, so there will be no party identification when voters show up at the polls. The following candidates are running:

House District 32 (Leflore)

Troy D. Brown, Sr.

Solomon Curtis Osborne

House District 71 (Hinds)

Edelia J. Carthan

Ronnie Crudup Jr.

Stephanie Skipper

House District 101 (Lamar)

Gary L. Crist

Kent McCarty

Steven Utroska

Daniel Waide

Andrew Waites

The special election will not change control of the House, where the Republican Party holds a safe majority.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Mississippi. Voters must bring an accepted form of photo identification such as a driver's license or a student ID to vote. If a person does not have the proper ID, he or she may vote via an affidavit ballot, but the vote will only be counted if the voter submits an acceptable form of ID to her circuit clerk’s

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