Meet JJ’s top 50 beautiful people.


The beautiful people have spoken.  Y'all Politics rolled out its list of the 50 most influential people in Mississippi politics.  They had their fun.  Now it's time for JJ to have its fun as well.  Here is JJ's list of the top 50. Some are beautiful, some are not.However, there are a couple of modifications made to this list.  Actual firms are included.  The beautiful people list did not mention anything about Lord Snow yet the Mississippi Rose is somehow missing from that list.  There are some other modifications as well but The Kingfish is not going to take the fun out of the game for you so you will have to figure them out for yourself. Here we go.First of all. It must be assumed that whoever holds the real political positions are influencers.  Those would be:1. First Consul Phil Bryant2. Leftenant Governor Tate Reeves3. Speaker of the House Eddie Munster4. Lord Protector Jim Hood5. Secretary of State Gibbit Hosemann6-10: All four Congreesman11-12: Both Senators13-14: Appropriations Chairmen of both chambers.  They are the purse strings.  Nuff said.So our list has shrunk from 50 to 36.  Who are those 36?  They are listed below in no particular order.15. Grant Callen of Empower Mississippi.  He got out from under Forest Thigpen's wings, stretched his own and soared.  When you knock off several sitting legislators and help reform state education policy, you definitely have some stroke.16. Clare Hester: The powerhouse of Capitol Resources Group.  While some lobbyists think its all about wining and dining, Ms. Hester and her staff run a mini-CIA and have a reputation for getting things done.17. Steve Holley.  The leader of the bond cartel.  Look at every bond deal in Mississippi.  Mr. Holley's Government Consultants will appear on most of them.  He who controls bonds controls officials and

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