Let them eat cake


Limousine liberal Jay Hughes slipped up and revealed the truth about the Democrats’ views on educating the less fortunate this week. Governor Phil Bryant, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, and Speaker Philip Gunn have led the charge since taking office to expand school choice, helping all Mississippians access a high quality education. The Democrats have relentlessly opposed this effort at every turn.

In a moment of shocking candor, the wealthy Oxford elitist and school choice opponent said, “choose where you live. That’s how you pick a school system…”

Moving to a more expensive neighborhood may be an option when you’re an ultra-wealthy lawyer, but that’s not a choice most Mississippians have, which is why Republicans have been actively supporting school choice policies that expand opportunity to everyone, not just the wealthy.

By Alan Lange
Y’all Politics

Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, was once famously quoted, upon being alerted that the peasants had no bread, as saying “let them eat cake.” The phrase has always symbolized the insensitivity and tone deafness of the rich to the needs of the poor.

In an MPB interview this week after the School Choice rally at the Capitol, Rep. Jay Hughes amazingly had his own, “let them eat cake” moment when he said, “Choose where you live. That’s how you pick a school system and if not then make your local school better. Be a part of the solution, not leaving and being a part of the problem.”

Hughes represents Oxford, which by all accounts, has an outstanding school system (although even the good school systems have bumps in the road). But for a guy who may reportedly be asking hundreds of thousands of non-Oxonians in Mississippi for their votes in 2019, many who do not look like him or share his privilege, the callousness of his remarks are pretty staggering. Read more here .

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