Laurel Leader Call: Favre Had McDaniel’s Tenacity But Lost It To Haley Barbour


Brett Favre, hero quarterback who rose from blue-collar Gulf Coast obscurity to Southern Miss icon to everyone’s All-American, is now a shill for everything that is wrong with American politics. Not that he doesn’t have the right to support Cindy Hyde-Smith, but because his name recognition alone might sway voters in a state with more than its fair share of ignorance.
So Favre appears in a commercial for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. That organization is very… VERY … pro Hyde-Smith. The Chamber is virulently Establishment, status quo, politics as usual. Judging their ads portraying Chris McDaniel living amongst the swamp creatures certainly was not a display of its ethics. The Chamber has big pockets from people who have a lot at stake for the chosen ones to throw a monkey wrench into politics.
That monkey wrench is McDaniel, the firebrand state senator from Ellisville. He speaks his mind, will answer any question and has a fierce sense of independence. He loathes the Haley Barbour wing of the Republican party — but it pales to the depths that they loathe him. His top priority? Term limits. Their top priority: Winning the next election.
The advertising campaign is deft. About once per month, the Chamber — with its multi-million-dollar ad campaign peppering TV and internet sites — sends us a downright-giddy email with its latest pro-Cindy, anti-Chris ad. Apparently, the Chamber wants its share of free advertising as well. Surely those TV stations aren’t running that ad for free. But when we ask the Chamber to pony up for those ads instead of us running them for free, the Chamber will not respond.
But back to Favre. So the hero quarterback, who is the epitome of toughness in a tough sport, is backing a loyal Haley Barbour soldier — a perfect Establishment puppet
Around here, we

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