Last Post


In January I announced I would stop blogging after a final post. Maybe I’ll start back later, but that’s not the current plan.
I have practiced law for 26 years. When I started this blog 11 years ago, I planned to practice for 50 years. I won’t make it. This post is a self-exploration of what changed.
I’ve heard some of the speculation. I don’t have another job lined up. I have no plans to move (before I stop practicing). The chances of those happening in the next year are not 0%, but neither are likely. My life is complicated. Muddling through as a solo might be my best move.
My blog is not as good as it used to be. I know it. It’s because I don’t spend as much time on it as I once did. I used to spend 8-10 hours a week writing blog posts. It’s hard to maintain the quality when that number goes down to 1 hour a week.
People ask me about blogging all the time. Blogging is hard. It takes a lot of time. Having an idea for 5 posts is a lot different from being able to write 50 posts. It’s hard to come up with topics.
Some people don’t like what you write. They let you know. It’s not a great feeling.
There are posts I’d like to have back. Especially when I started, I didn’t have a good feel for what topics I should not write about. It’s easy to fall into viewing page views and chasing them by writing about subjects that garner the most attention. Viewer stats were exciting at first. I remember getting excited when 10, then 50 or a hundred people read my blog. It was neat.
It took a while, but I figured out that writing for page views wasn’t for

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