Is Global Warming a Hoax? A Scam? Is the PSC Serious?


Bigger Pie Forum | Is Global Warming a Hoax? A Scam? Is the PSC Serious? | Kelley Williams
A hoax is a humorous or malicious deception.  A scam is a dishonest scheme or swindle.  It’s a hoax for profit.  Hoaxes have made fools of the unwary, and scams have taken unwitting victims for a long time.  How do you avoid getting taken?
Cicero asked: Cui bono — Who benefits?  Today you should ask:  What’s the hustle and who’s the mark?  If you are in a rigged game and don’t know who the mark is, it’s probably you.  But what if you are in a rigged game and don’t know it’s rigged?
Say the hustle is there’s an imminent global catastrophe and you have to do something or stop doing something (like using fossil fuels) for the good of humanity.  Beautiful people, experts, the media, politicians, and other shills are virtue signaling for it.  You might think they know something you don’t.
But you see the sky isn’t falling.  And they aren’t doing what they want you to do.  So you wonder is Global Warming a hoax?  A scam?  Looks like both.
Global Warming, aka Climate Change is the idea that the earth’s climate is warming or changing unnaturally due to human activities — specifically the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas).
The argument is that burning fossil fuel creates carbon dioxide or CO2 (true).  And that as this gas increases in the atmosphere it increases a greenhouse effect that reduces outgoing energy radiation to space (true), and the “trapped energy” causes the earth’s temperature to rise (theoretically true).  And that the rate of increase is unnatural (too fast) and the higher temperature is undesirable.
This implies that there is a natural slower rate of temperature increase (untrue) and an optimum earth temperature that all

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