Hyde-Smith Supporter Haley Barbour Also Ripped Donald Trump in 2016


The hypocrisy of the Cindy Hyde-Smith campaign knows no bounds it seems, and its oozing out with each passing day. Much of it centers around her campaign to attract the endorsement of President Trump.
Starting right out of the gate, she tried to claim that Trump had endorsed her, which was a bald faced lie. As we know, the Trump White House was very disappointed with the decision by Phil Bryant to appoint Hyde-Smith, fearing, as a former Democrat, she was likely to lose in the special election in November.
Then, in a desperate attempt to drive a divisive political wedge, she tried to smear Senator Chris McDaniel as a hater of Trump, falsely claiming that he did not support the President. But McDaniel has simply pointed out areas where he and Trump disagree, particularly in matters of political philosophy. He never, not one time, ripped Trump with derogatory language.
In fact, as we have pointed out, McDaniel has been very praiseworthy of Donald Trump since 2015. And, let’s not forget, Donald Trump endorsed Chris McDaniel in 2014 in his race against Thad Cochran.

But Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is desperate for Trump’s support, has big-time supporters who have not been kind to Trump.
As we reported yesterday, her campaign manager, Jordan Russell, trashed Trump during the 2016 presidential primary season, calling him a “con artist,” but other Hyde-Smith supporters have also spewed venom about the President, including Haley Barbour.
In March, Barbour contributed $25,000 to the Mississippi Victory PAC, which is supporting Cindy Hyde-Smith:

Barbour also had some nasty things to say in reference to Trump in 2016, and especially those who support Trump. He did not think Trump would capture the nomination, implying that he had no real solutions but was simply pandering to public anger as a blowhard:
It seems to me common sense says that at

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