Hyde-Smith Defies Trump, Sides With Establishment To Pass Bloated Spending Bill


Congress is wrapping up work on appropriations bills and this year’s spending spree is on with full force. This week the Senate passed a massive spending bill that included funds for Planned Parenthood but not for Trump’s Border Wall.
According to a report by CNSNews,
The $854 billion Defense-Labor-Health-Education bill passed by the Senate on Tuesday includes a continuing resolution through December 7, 2018, for any appropriations bills not enacted before October 1, 2018.
The appropriations bill, which passed 93-7 on Tuesday and now goes to the House, provides $674.4 billion in military spending; and $178.1 billion for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies (including Planned Parenthood funding).
The bill also includes $3.8 billion to combat the opioid crisis, which Trump says would be curtailed by a border wall.
Appointed, interim Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith voted for the bill. But President Trump rightfully railed against it on Twitter:

The Establishment has no intention of “getting tough” and funding Trump’s Border Wall, and Cindy Hyde-Smith is along for the ride!
If you want a Border Wall, tougher immigration enforcement, and a US Senator who will fight with President Trump, Mississippi must elect Chris McDaniel!

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