Hood’s Obama robocalls, Reeves’ public teacher emails mark last-minute turnout efforts for guv campaigns


Ahead of Tuesday’s tight governor’s race, both major party candidates for governor took extraordinary measures to garner votes just hours before polls opened.
A robocall on behalf of Hood was sent to voters across the state on Monday from President Barack Obama — a last-minute departure in Hood’s continued political strategy of eschewing of national endorsements from Democratic politicians.
The Obama press office confirmed that the former president made the robocall in an email on Tuesday morning.
“President Obama recorded a robocall for the Hood campaign,” Katie Hill, communications director for the Obama’s office, told Mississippi Today.
Hood, who calls himself a moderate Democrat, focused his campaign this year on state issues such as improving health care, education and infrastructure. Obama’s call focused on those issues.
“Jim Hood will expand Medicaid to cover 300,000 more people, and fight to keep Mississippi’s rural hospitals open — to raise teacher pay, and build an administration as diverse as Mississippi,” Obama said on the call.
Obama’s robocall was “paid for by friends of Jim Hood,” the end of the call said. Secretary of State records show no such committee listed.
The Hood campaign did not respond to several requests for comment after the call was published Monday night.
In fact, Hood has gone to great lengths this year to eschew what has characterized as party labels and counter attacks from Reeves and prominent Republicans seeking to pair him with Obama and other national Democrats. On Monday evening, conservative leaders used the robocall to accuse Hood of backtracking on that strategy.
“At the 11th hour Jim Hood had Barack Obama endorse him for Governor of Mississippi,” Gov. Phil Bryant tweeted along with a link to the robocall first published by conservative news website Y’all Politics. “Now we finally know what he really believes. Vote Republican tomorrow and end this once and for all.”