Herd Mentality


Bigger Pie Forum | Herd Mentality | Kelley Williams
Sometimes there’s safety in numbers.  A Cape Buffalo in a herd is less likely to be eaten by lions than a straggler.  Sometimes there’s danger.  American Indians stampeded herds of Bison over cliffs and butchered the injured and dead.  We ordinary Americans seem more like Bison stampeded by experts than Cape Buffalos staring down hungry lions.
We’re social distancing, sheltering-in-place, losing jobs and committing economic and social hari-kari because of experts.  They said we had to flatten the Coronavirus (Covid-19) typical bell-snapped infection curve.  Otherwise, hospitals would be overwhelmed with virus victims when the epidemic peaked.  That hasn’t happened.  Few hospitals have been overwhelmed.  Apparently none in Mississippi.
Experts said flattening the curve would reduce deaths from the virus due to lack of treatment.  But it wouldn’t reduce total deaths from the epidemic.  It would just spread them out over a longer time period.  I’ve seen no reports of deaths due to lack of treatment.  But there are reports of inflated death counts in New York — apparently to save face for doomsayers.
Flattening the curve makes hari-kari take longer and prolongs the pain.  That was the point of the ritual suicide.  The Samurai slowly sliced his belly open with a short knife while another  stood by to lop his head off when he had suffered enough.  There was no stopping partway through to put the Samurai back together.  But that’s what we are about to try by order of the President with help from experts under the direction of Governors.
Experts (Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx) who are to help get us out of this mess are the same ones who got us into it.  They told the President there would be 2.2 million U.S. deaths from the virus — unless we committed economic and

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