GOP Establishment Releases Propaganda Disguised as a Poll


We saw it in 2014. And, here in 2018, the same ole tactic is back. The Establishment, when it fears a strong conservative contender, will always resort to skewed polls to dissuade voters who are more prone to back the challenger. But, to be brutally honest, this wasn’t actually a poll; it was propaganda disguised as one.
In 2014, the Establishment ran polls that showed Thad Cochran way ahead of Chris McDaniel, one appeared at the tail end of 2013, and the other in the spring of 2014 giving Cochran a 17 point lead. Yet despite these “big leads,” the Cochran camp kept up the attack on McDaniel, which should have told anyone with a thimble full of brains that the polls in question were not honest, and they weren’t. Primary Day on June 3, 2014 disproved every poll the Establishment released.
Now here we are in 2018 and the Establishment, via its favorite mouthpiece, Y’all Politics, has released a new survey. Here are the results:
In the four-way ballot test, Cindy Hyde-Smith polled at 41% over her primary rival Mike Espy, who polled at 27%. State senator Chris McDaniel is polling a distant third at 15%.  There are still a fair number of voters undecided as we head into the home stretch of the campaign cycle (16%).
Digging deeper into the numbers, Hyde-Smith led her opponents in three of the four congressional districts.  She had 41/33 fav/unfav.  Espy led his opponents in his former congressional district and featured a 33/30 fav/unfav.  Chris McDaniel remains underwater with an overall 16/49 fav/unfav.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but this poll, even without knowing anything about the particulars, is garbage!
But don’t take my word for it; check out what other companies had to say. Chism Strategies, a polling firm in Jackson, ripped Y’all Politics

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