Fact-Checking Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Neshoba Speech


The 2018 Neshoba County Fair is now in the history books and the most dynamic aspect of this year’s event was, arguably at least, the race for Thad Cochran’s Senate seat, the special election that will take place on November 6. All four candidates made an appearance, but it was the epic battle between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Chris McDaniel, which really amounts to a Republican primary, that showcased the excitement of the first day.
It was obvious, or should have been to those with any semblance of honesty, for both those who were there and those who were not but watched via video, that Chris McDaniel and his army of grassroots conservatives dominated the gathering. Although establishments reports claimed that McDaniel had only around 75 followers, the truth is there were hundreds from “Team McDaniel” supporting their candidate. And he did not fail to deliver, giving a rousing speech that fired up his supporters and convinced a few undecided to join his crusade.
For Cindy Hyde-Smith, her speech was dull, drab, and dreary, eliciting no enthusiasm from the few supporters she had under the famous pavilion. But more than her paltry support, feebly weak for a sitting US Senator, was what she said to the assembled crowd, a speech full of political spin.
Let’s look at four key takeaways from her brief address:
“I have been a conservative my entire life.”
This is a line Cindy Hyde-Smith has been pushing since Governor Phil Bryant appointed her to the Senate. But, as we have reported, she is not a lifelong conservative but a lifelong Democrat. She switched parties only for the opportunity for political advancement. Why Bryant chose her, and praised her as his “most reliable conservative vote in the state senate” (while she was in the Democratic Party no less), is beyond many Mississippi Republicans.

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