DOSSIER: GOP’s Red-baiting Mailer Template, Campaign Lies, Bryant Miffed


Donald Trump is coming to Mississippi today—up there in Tupelo where the American Family Association is headquartered—to urge conservative Mississippians to turn out and elect Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves as governor Tuesday. It seems pretty certain that the New Yorker-turned-Floridian will be riding in on a red-baiting carpet. Should you be lucky enough to attend, you'll likely hear the names Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Nancy Pelosi and Bernie alongside the word "socialist" a lot.

Republicans are already sending out glossy mailers warming up the crowd in Mississippi and other southern states to the necessity of electing Trump apologists and enablers—that is pretty much what Reeves' whole campaign is about at this point. They are promising us, in no uncertain terms, that men like Tate Reeves will stop the scourge of socialism from taking over our state and America.

Of course, they define that term loosely—as always, "socialism" is a euphemism for any expenditure of taxpayer money to help poor people, ensure access to medical care, regulate corrupt corporations, ensure all American children have equal access to good education, and so on. Oh, and apparently it's socialism to use taxpayers' own money to fix roads and bridges. Not requiring young teenagers to bear their father's child and allowing women to make our own health-care decisions? Socialism.

The Mississippi Republican Party blanketed the state with glossy mailers last week with photos (from left) of Nancy Pelosi, Jim Hood, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders crammed up close. One of these pics is not like the other: Hood, a conservative Democrat, is running for office in Mississippi. None of the others are, and their politics do not match Hood's, either. Far from it.

No matter. "Vote Tate Reeves on November 5h and STOP the socialist Democrats," our brilliant Republicans proclaimed on the mailer, adding, "Fight the Democrats'

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