December 2019 Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter Preview


Here is a preview of the December 2019 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

$1,007,700 verdict- Chickasaw County truck negligence case (8/30/19);
$100,000 verdict- Lee County employment retaliation case covered here (11/21/19);
$3,500 verdict- Forrest County car wreck case (8/7/19);
directed verdict- Lamar County employment retaliation case; (11/14/19);
defense verdict- Harrison County medical malpractice case (10/17/19);
defense verdict- Jackson County embezzlement case (10/15/19; and
defense verdict- Rankin County medical malpractice case (11/10/19).

My Take:
Several of the cases were actually a lot more interesting than they sound.
As a reminder, because this confuses a lot of people, I do not publish or have any affiliation with the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter.

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