Cindy Hyde-Smith Still Calling Herself “Conservative”


In a new 30-second ad approved by Cindy Hyde-Smith, Team Cindy is doubling-down on her biggest campaign fib to date: that she is a lifelong conservative. In fact, the ad is titled “Conservative.”
She touts but four issues: Balancing the budget, reducing regulations, growing our economy, and supporting conservative judges appointed by President Trump.
But we must ask an important question: Can any of those policies be attributed to Hillary Clinton?
In 2008 when Hillary ran for President against Barack Obama, in a barnburner of a campaign that went down to the wire, Cindy Hyde-Smith, the “lifelong conservative,” supported Hillary. That’s because she was a Democrat, only switching parties in 2010 to run for statewide office. She has also been dishonest about it during the campaign.
Throughout the 2008 campaign, did Hillary support a balanced budget? Did Hillary support reducing regulations? Did Hillary support growing the economy or growing government? Did Hillary support conservative judges? No. In fact, for Trump’s latest choice for the Supreme Court, Hillary stated, quite outrageously, that Brett Kavanaugh would “bring back slavery.”
So, if these policies don’t fit Hillary Clinton, and they don’t, then how can Cindy Hyde-Smith call herself a “conservative”? Lifelong conservatives don’t support Hillary Clinton. Period.
Of course, we do know where Cindy Hyde-Smith is very much like Hillary Rodham Clinton: Her PAC was handed $250,000 by one of Hillary’s top fundraisers and she has supported gun control efforts in the past, which is a signature issue for the Clintons.
But Cindy Hyde-Smith’s choice of policies to promote in this latest ad are interesting to say the least. They are certainly conservative positions, and important ones, but consider two things:
First, they are very safe issues to campaign on. There is nothing that will raise a ruckus with Republicans, or with her major benefactor, the US Chamber of Commerce.
Second, there

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