Cindy Hyde-Smith Is Ashamed Of Mississippi’s Flag


She can say what she wants but the evidence is very clear that Appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is ashamed of the state flag and is embarrassed to display it.
How can I say this?
As Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, Cindy Hyde-Smith did NOT display the flag in front of the Ag building.
As a statewide candidate in 2015, when she was seeking a second term as Commissioner, she refused to answer a flag question as part of a candidate questionnaire.
And now as a US Senator representing the state of Mississippi, Cindy Hyde-Smith does not display the state flag outside the door of her Senate office in Washington. In fact, she is one of only two members of Congress who do not display a state flag outside the main office door. The other is Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson.
These three pieces of evidence make it pretty clear that Cindy Hyde-Smith has a problem with Mississippi’s flag.
And someone who is ashamed of Mississippi’s state flag, which two-thirds of Mississippi voters approved in 2001, is not worthy to represent the state in the US Senate.

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