Cindy Hyde-Smith Campaign Manager Trashed Trump


Cindy Hyde-Smith’s campaign has repeatedly tried to claim that Senator Chris McDaniel hates President Trump and has said harsh things about him in the past. It’s simply a scare tactic that we rebutted months ago.
Now, according to a report by Big League Politics, Cindy Hyde-Smith’s own campaign manager, Jordan Russell, while working for Marco Rubio’s campaign in 2016, ripped Trump as a “con artist.” The quote was first reported by a USA Today reporter in the Hattiesburg American just before the Mississippi primary in March 2016.
“We have a strong grassroots team in Mississippi and our momentum is growing because voters are looking for a candidate to unite the party and defeat Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump scammed hard-working Americans by taking their money for his phony Trump University, and he is scamming conservatives now by acting as if he is one of them,” said Jordan Russell, Hyde-Smith’s campaign manager. “Many Mississippians are seeing through his con artist act and are supporting Marco Rubio.”
This is yet another example of the hypocrisy pervading the Hyde-Smith campaign.

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