Chuck Schumer’s Mississippi Man



The national Democratic establishment’s freak out isn’t just limited to California. Chuck Schumer’s desperate path to regaining a Senate majority now goes through Mississippi.

And with how far to the left their party has lurched, Democrats who do qualify are likely to be too extreme for their states. Case in point: Mississippi State Representative David Baria AKA Chuck Schumer’s hand picked candidate in Mississippi.

Making matters worse, Mississippi Democrats are fresh off their annual dinner hosting none other than Senator Doug Jones of Alabama.

Senator Jones undoubtedly not only shares the liberal views of Chuck Schumer, but is a late-term abortion extremist . And David Baria proudly stood before the crowd in support of the far-left, pro-abortion, Hillary Clinton supporter.

Sounds like David has a solid strategy for being a deep red-state Democrat vying for a U.S. Senate bid at the direction of liberal Chuck Schumer.

Good luck with that.

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