Chicken Little Is Wrong Again


Bigger Pie Forum | Chicken Little Is Wrong Again | Kelley Williams
If it bleeds, it’s the lede.  Disaster headlines sold newspapers (when people read them).  Now screaming talking heads sell panic on TV.  It’s contagious.  The precautionary principle becomes: assume the worst and follow the herd.
Crises are useful for politicians.  House Majority Leader James Clyburn told his caucus during the debate over financial aid for the shutdown economy: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  His vision is what’s good for his party.
The World Health Organization (WHO) started the Coronavirus panic when it announced the death rate would be 3.4%.  That’s over 34 times the death rate from flu last season (35,157 deaths per the Center of Disease Control).  Was that exaggerated?  It seems to be.  Was it intentional or incompetence?  Or both?  Good questions.  Whatever, it caused panic.
And it has forced governments to act.  They’ve rushed to reduce the infection rate (flatten the curve) and not overwhelm hospitals.  “First, do no harm” got lost in the rush.  And a hasty one size fits all social distancing response has caused great harm to the economy.  Especially to  the now unemployed who live paycheck to paycheck.  Many of them are young and at low risk for the virus.  Innocent bystanders.  Economic victims nevertheless.
Politicians and government employees haven’t been harmed or lost their jobs — yet.
Doctors and health care employees haven’t lost their jobs either.  Their jobs have become more dangerous.  They are frontline heroes.  There aren’t enough of them.
Some of them may already be infected.  Some may become infected and become a danger to patients.  Some may have already been infected and cured.  If so, they have antibodies and are not a danger to patients.
Others in social distancing lockdown may have been infected and have antibodies

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