Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Haley Barbour

Veteran GOP Senator Makes Final Push To Avoid Embarrassing Primary Defeat...

“He did come in here and sit and talk, for an hour,” she said. Trammell and Johnson had wanted photos with Cochran too, they

Republican Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran’s Long Political Past Holds Clues His...

"After 42 years, he's become silent,” McDaniel recently said on a local news show, figuring in Cochran’s six years in the

Marco Rubio Ditches Ted Cruz Speech For Fundraiser

"When he started, he was at 3 percent in the polls -- a condition I know well because two years later I found myself...

Ignoring Inconvenient Facts

My greatest disagreement is with Governor Barbour's view that we will never be able to end racial discrimination and animus in Mississippi or anywhere...

Mississippi Group Proposes Nuclear Waste Site

But in 2010, the Obama administration shut down work on the waste storage facility and created a panel of experts to evaluate

Jim Demint Takes Center Stage In Immigration Debate

Having DeMint as the star cut both ways, however. He is a long-time opponent of immigration reform and as a senator he helped

How Deregulation Has Failed Mississippi

In the gun debate, the "criminals will get guns and gun deaths will occur no matter what" argument is one that I hear often....

Haley Barbour Leaves American Crossroads Amid Concerns Over Conservative Victory Project

Rove quickly defended the new project, noting that Palin had urged Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin to drop out of the

Republicans’ Self-Deprecating Rhetoric (VIDEO)

Watch the video for more self-deprecation, courtesy of Politico. "Our message was weak," admitted RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Haley Barbour: Immigration Timeline In Congress ‘Overly Optimistic’

Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi, and Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania, said they weren't so sure