Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Haley Barbour

Henry Barbour On Climate Change: There Are ‘Two Sides To Every...

"There's certainly two sides to every issue and I'm not going to try and sit here and give you a position on climate change

Haley Barbour: GOP’s ‘Stupid’ And ‘Offensive’ Comments Damage Entire Party’s Brand

Critical reflections about the GOP's shortcomings have been commonplace in the wake of the 2012 elections. Barbour's comments

Haley Barbour Warns GOP Against ‘Stupid’ And ‘Offensive’ Comments

Haley Barbour warns GOP against 'stupid' and 'offensive' comments

Haley Barbour On Taxes: I’d Raise The Top Rates In Exchange...

Barbour, like Coburn, is demanding steep entitlement reforms in return. And with respect to those being part of any White

Romney’s Binders Full of Gifts

Two things were confirmed this past week: that Mitt Romney truly despises the poor and middle class, and that most Republican leaders despise Mitt...