Botched: IHL and the Ole Miss Chancellor Hire


Adam Ganucheau’s article on Mississippi Today is the best I’ve read on the IHL board’s hiring of Glenn Boyce to be the next chancellor of Ole Miss. It captures a lot of my thoughts on the process.
I have no opposition to Dr. Boyce, in theory. I like his story. He seems qualified on paper. It was fine to hire him. Just not like this.
My biggest reservation about Boyce is that anyone who would agree to being hired under these circumstances may not be smart enough to handle such a high profile position that oversees a lot of moving parts. He should not have allowed himself to he hired under these circumstances.
I liked this assessment by former Ole Miss Law School Dean Richard Gershon:
“I really am sorry for Dr. Boyce in a lot of ways,” said Richard Gershon, former dean of the University of Mississippi School of Law and current law professor, who tweeted over the weekend that Boyce should resign. “He was put in a position where instead of celebrating his appointment, there’s a lot of dissension. Had the campus had the opportunity to meet him as was set forth in the procedures of the IHL, there might have been some disagreement but not this dissension. We’ve now got a much worse situation because they bypassed this input. That’s unfortunate because he could be really good for this university, but he’s starting out behind the curve.”
Exactly. He’s set up to fail. And he let himself be set up to fail.
Boyce had a conflict of interest since he was involved in the hiring process as a paid consultant. If IHL wanted to hire Boyce, it needed to go slower–not faster. It should have taken steps to remove the conflict by reopening the application process, making Boyce apply and interview and return

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