Biscuits Over Vets: Cindy Hyde-Smith Denigrates Those Who Served in Vietnam


No group of American military veterans has received more abuse than those who served in Vietnam. From the miscreants who spat upon them when they arrived back home, to a government that essentially abandoned them when the war ended, the treatment of veterans returning from Southeast Asia is a blackmark in American history for the more than 3 million Americans who served in-country, and more so for the more than 58,000 who paid the ultimate price in a war that tore the country apart in the 1960s.
The pain of that mistreatment is still very evident to the veterans who served in Vietnam. To help soothe the pain inflicted upon those veterans, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was completed in 1982 in Washington, a beautiful granite wall with the name of every veteran who paid the ultimate price forever etched into stone. It’s one of the most heart-felt memorials in the world.
In addition, several “traveling Vietnam Wall” memorials, exact replicas of the real thing in DC, travel across the country every year, making appearances in towns large and small. The wall, and the accompanying ceremony, is a great way to honor those who died in the war and those who served with honor and distinction.
One of the traveling walls made an appearance this weekend in Flora, Mississippi. Appointed US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was scheduled to speak at the event on Saturday, October 27 and to lay a wreath at the wall in honor of those who perished.
Instead, Hyde-Smith blew off the veterans of the Vietnam conflict to make an appearance at a “biscuits and jam” event in Union and a chamber of commerce event in Pontotoc. It was either her, or her “guys,” who must have determined that those campaign events were more important than veterans who served in Vietnam and to

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