Baria: ‘I’m Running Against Roger Wicker, Not Donald Trump’


In what his campaign calls an "aggressive statewide ad campaign," Mississippi House Minority Leader David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, announced a five-figure television ad buy for his U.S. Senate campaign Wednesday.

In the 30-second ad, which is set to begin airing on local stations across Mississippi on a date to be announced, Baria seeks to make it clear that his campaign is against the incumbent Republican senator—not the president.

"I'm running for the Senate against Roger Wicker, not Donald Trump," Baria says, standing in a room of supporters. "I'll support the president when he's helping our state, like rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, but I'll oppose the president if he's hurting Mississippi, like starting a trade war that's costing our shipyards and farmers."

Earlier this year, Trump implemented tariffs on Chinese aluminum and steel. China hit back with tariffs on American agricultural products like soybeans, the third-largest agricultural commodity in Mississippi behind poultry and forestry.

"Mississippi farmers don't deserve the damage caused by tariffs, and taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill," Baria said in a statement in July.

In an interview with the Daily Journal in September, Wicker said he was "very concerned" about the tariffs, but that Mississippi farmers are willing to give Trump some leeway.

A Washington Post analysis found that farmers across the country, particularly in the Midwest, could face harm from NAFTA renegotiations, as buyers look to other nations to purchase products like soybeans.

Since Trump came into office, the political world has speculated that Republicans and Democrats could unite behind him to pass an infrastructure package. So far, though, that hasn't happened.

In a Fox News interview Thursday morning, Trump suggested infrastructure is "something that can bring us together" if Democrats win control of the U.S. House of Representatives from Republicans in November's elections. On FiveThirtyEight, political data analyst Nate Silver gives Democrats

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